A2 Licence: Age 19+

The A2 practical test is split into two separate modules.
A full motorcycle licence will only be issued when both modules have been passed.

Options to an A2 licence


Age: 19+

  • Full A1 Licence held for more than 2yrs?

    • Pass 2 Part practical test on a motorcycle at least 395cc and between 20kW (26.8bhp) and 35kW (46.9bhp)

      • Ride motorcyle any size not exceeding 35kW (46.9bhp)


  • Full A1 licence held less than 2yrs?

    • Valid Theory Test?

    • Pass 2 Part practical test on a motorcycle at least 395cc and between 20kW (26.8bhp) and 35kW (46.9bhp)

      • ​Ride motorcyle any size not exceeding 35kW (46.9bhp)

Module 1

An off road slow speed manoeuvring test including high speed controlled, emergency and avoidance excercises










Module 2

A road riding test including an eyesight test, safety check, balance and pillion questions.
The examiner will then follow you on a motorcycle giving you directions over a radio and earpiece.

You must have a current Theory Test Pass certificate and Module 1 Pass certificate

For both Modules 1 and 2 you will have to show your:

  • Driving licence - if it doesn't show your photograph, you'll also have to show your passport

  • Theory Test Pass certificate

  • CBT Completion certificate unless you are upgrading your full motorcycle entitlement

Please note:

We take our Mod 1 and 2 tests a week apart

to reduce the possibility of losing the cost of MOD2,

should you not pass the MOD1



We offer a number of training options to suit you


  • Daily Instruction

We can do training on daily ( 6 hours ) or half daily (3 Hours) on an as needed basis.  

We can then look at booking tests as and when both parties are happy, this way we can aim to try and keep the initial outlay to a minimum.

In the summer Half day sessions can also be booked in the evenings from 1600-1900. 

£185.00 per course

  • 3 Day Course

       This course is aimed towards people with previous larger bike experience, and have a         current and valid CBT. We spend two days on the road and 2 Half Days refreshing             and escorting to the tests. 

£520.00 per course

  • 4 Day Course

       Aimed towards people with a little larger bike experience, and hold a current CBT.

       We spend three days on the road and 2 Half Days refreshing and escorting to the tests 

£660.00 per course

  • 5 Day Course​

Aimed to people with no previous experience.  Can include one day as a CBT certification day.

£795.00 per course

  • A2 to A Upgrade

       Aimed to people looking to upgrade their A2 to full A Licence.

       One full day's training for your MOD1 and MOD2, with 2 Half Days refreshing and                 escorting to the tests.

£400.00 per course


 Although we believe that riding with another student can help with learning,

we can accommodate one on one training.


Our prices include MOD1 and MOD2 instruction,

MOD1 and MOD2 Test fees, Bike hire and Insurance

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