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CBT Training Made Simple

A Selection of 50cc and 125cc Manual and Automatic bikes available

CBT - Your 1st Step to Motorcycle Riding

1) What is the CBT?

  • ​CBT stands for "Compulsory Basic Training"

  • It is the first step to getting a motorcycle licence. It allows you to ride up to a 125cc motorcycle on the road for two years, at which point you either need to take the full bike test or renew your CBT for a further two years to carry on riding. 

  • The CBT typically takes one day, but there is no time limit. There is a lot to learn, but don’t think of CBT as a test. Riders who aren’t ready after one day keep going until they ‘achieve’ the correct standard.

2) How old do I need to be?

  •     16 for Moped riders (Category AM)

  •     17+ For Motorcycles(125cc /15bhp)

3) Any other requirements?

  • Be able to read a standard number plate @ 20.5m

  • Medically fit (i.e. not signed off under a doctors note)

  • It is helpful to read through the Highway Code beforehand

  • Most importantly, you want to ride your bike!

4) On the day

  • You will need to present your VALID drivers licence - either a Full or Provisional licence.

  • Glasses if you wear them. You must be able to read a number plate from 20 metres.

  • Firm shoes or boots (ideally no steel caps or trainers)

  • Any Personal motorcycle clothing you may own

  • Helmets, Jackets and Gloves can be provided if required

  • Please also bring some lunch for the day

5) What happens after?

  • Your CBT certificate is valid for a 2-year period from issue. After completing your CBT, learner riders may ride:

    • A moped or scooter up to 50cc (for 16 year olds)

    • A solo motorcycle up to 125cc with 15bhp (17 year old)


You then have a choice depending on your age:

  • Remain riding on your CBT certificate for 2 years

  • 17+ Take an A1 test - ride a 125cc motorcycle without L plates and carry a pillion

  • 19+ Take an A2 test - ride upto 395cc motorcycle

  • 21-23yr WITH an existing A2 licence - Take the A test under Progressive Access - ride any size motorcycle

  • 24+ Take the A test under Direct Access - ride any size motorcycle


The above choices will require you to sit the Theory Test beforehand, which is valid for 2 years.

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